English CV

Mohammad Reza Monjazeb`s CV (with Respect to Tax Economics)

Faculty member of University, Ph.D. in Economics and Researcher in Economics Fields (Especially in Tax Economics).

Educational and Professional Experience

  • Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Public Economics, International Economics, Econometrics, … (Teaching in bachelor degree)
  • Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Growth and Development, Managerial Economics, …(Teaching in Master Degree)
  • Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Econometrics, … (Teaching in Ph.D. degree)

 Honors and Awards

  • First rank undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degree
  • Top Researcher in Tax field, 2006
  • Top Teacher in University, 2015

Research Experience (in Taxation Field)

  • Tax capacity estimation in Iran, 1999
  • Tax capacity estimation in Chahar Mahale Bakhtiari Province and the ways of approaching it, 2003
  • A Survey in determination of the optimal combination of tax in Iran, 2003
  • The measurement of revenue potentials of Golestan Province and the Ways to improve revenue collection, 2006
  • A survey in tax ratios and the share of tax revenues in provinces; case study of Iran, 2007
  • The Forecasting of corporate income tax in Tehran Province, 2008
  • Supervisor of two Tax Researches


Scientific and Publication Experience (in Taxation Field)

  • Economic Development, Nafziger, 2006, Translated in Persian 2009
  • Economic Development; Institutional and Historical Approach, 2007, Translated in Persian 2013
  • A survey of development of Iran’s taxation, 2013
  • Macroeconomics, 2011


Papers in Taxation Field

  • Monjazeb, Rameh and Moosavi (2013), The Impact of Macroeconomic Variables and Tax Laws on Stock Return Rate (Case study: Iranian Petrochemical companies), Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2013-3-24/3674-3680.(ISC Indexed)
  • Monjazeb and Raeiszadeh (2014), Effect of Targeted Subsidies on Natural Gas Consumption of Residential Sector in Tehran, Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management, Volume, 4, Issue 4, pp. 325-333.(ProQuest Indexed)
  • Monjazeb and Others (2014), THE IMPACT OF OIL REVENUES ON BUDGET DEFICIT IN SELECTED OIL COUNTRIES, Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (OMAN Chapter) Vol. 3, No.11; June. 2014.(ISC and DOAJ Indexed) IF: .468
  • Monjazeb and Asadian (2014), The Estimation of Tax Capacity in Oil Exporting Countries: A Panel Data Approach, Journal of International Economics and Management Studies- Vol.1, NO.1, Autumn 2014.
  • Monjazeb and Dargahy (2015), The impact of targeted subsidies on agricultural production in Iran, International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences, Vol. 2 No. 4 April 2015. (ISC and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory Indexed) IF: .521
  • Monjazeb and Others (2015), The Impact of Fuel Subsidy Targeting in Iran Using a CGE Model, Iranian Journal of Economic Studies, Vol. 4, No. 1, Spring 2015, 53-80
  • Monjazeb and Others (2016), The Analysis of Real Exchange Rate Volatility and Stock Exchange Return With PANEL-GARCH Approach (Case Study: D8 Countries), Iranian Economic Review, 2016(4). (Scopus Indexed)


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