Customer satisfaction analysis of Kermanshah traditional cookies with Kano model and quality matrix

The aim of this research is analyzing of customer satisfaction from Kermanshah traditional cookies cluster quality with Kano model and quality matrix, this research is an applied one and pre- event descriptive research. Statistical population are 113 membered enterprises in traditional rice cookie clusters in Kermanshah city, that choose randomly with regard to Morgan cresses table in this research customers demand ascertained questioner according to Kano model and customer perception and expectation questioner had been used. In descriptive statistics frequency mean, standard deviation has been used and also in deduction statistics Cornbrash’s alpha used for stability analysis and t-test used for hypothesis test, we also use Pearson correlation coefficient. According to the research result there is significance difference between customer expectations from goods and services operation dimension with their competence, and there is significant differences between customer expectation from inventiveness of goods and services dimension with their perceived services. There is meaningful relationship between customer satisfaction and their perception.

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