Analysis of the Characteristics of Waits for Quality – Sweet Traditional Kermanshah Model of Kano

Today, the majority of organizations have recognized the importance of providing services to customers. The best organizations have errors in providing services or products and their policy. It is the only way to improve services for error correction. Improve services can increase the perceptions of service quality and the organization. Also can lead to positive relations, to increase customer satisfaction, the creation of communicating with consumers and customer loyalty. The purpose of this study customer satisfaction of the quality of the cluster of traditional Kermanshah sweet – with the use of Kano model. Cano analysis one of quality measurement tools to priorities the demands of customers. Analysis based on their influence in satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Cano analysis helps determine for customers that are more priority. Cano model is suitable way to examine the features waits for business. Kano model can be use of classified clients ‘ needs. Through their classification into several groups, as well as positioning each need a graph. In this study the questionnaire was used in the model – based customer needs and expectations of Kano questionnaire and perceptions of customers.

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